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1. The Ice Ice Baby promo on MTV always gets me excited, and I turn my head in anticipation, and there is no Vanilla Ice on my television set, and I never learn my lesson.

2. If I want to be renting a house/duplex/townhouse within the next few months, I should probably stop calling my apartment's maintenance every time something leaks and learn how to take care of it myself. More like probably NOT amirite or amirite
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Ahahaha the highway to my parents' house is still snowed in. The desert can bite me.

Cynthia hasn't been around and I've been at home for doctors blah blah blah, so right now in our fridge, we have: yogurt, Coke, peanut butter, and eggs. I miss Ty. I miss Mel and her breast lament.

I lost my wallet yesterday. First time ever! Thankfully, all I had in there was $12 in cash, random business cards, and a driver's license that needed an address change anyway. (Which... will then be useless come April.) But it was pretty.

allagainst please tell me I am immoral for wanting to watch Caprica real bad.

FOR YOU TO LOOK AT: 1) These JA doodles. Obi-Wan and Siri with tribbles? Yes please. The rest of her stuff is great too. 2) The first YJK review over at all4thewookiee, omfg.

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Hatred paralyzes life; love releases it. Hatred confuses life; love harmonizes it. Hatred darkens life; love illuminates it.

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Every single day, no lie, while driving down the street:

- There are at least three men in this town, or maybe the same one teleporting, who all think driving in the street in their wheelchair while wearing all black after the sun sets is the cool thing to do. I have to watch for them more than children or animals. I swear I'm not being a dick unnecessarily, because there is definitely a free bus that takes disabled people around town.

- The same mattress truck. There is no hotel or any other possible constant supplier here, nor is there a warehouse where the route could have originated from. All of the truck's wares are stained and I imagine smell like 1981.

Oh my god the desert's turned me into the neighbor from Bewitched
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I am late and watched BSG: The Plan for the first time when it aired last night. (No spoilers, I promise) I don't think I can pick a favorite part? Maybe the montage after the attack on the colonies. Cavil was perfect. Sam and Boomer's scenes were also great. Oh and I loved EJO's wife. Hubba hubba~

ETA: Had just enough Tory, which was as little as possible.
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BSG: starrrrrbuuuuuuuuck~

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Thank you, PBS, for showing old horror movies at 3am

Especially old horror movies with Tarkin and Dooku on a frozen zombie-filled train in Siberia.
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